Memory is a guilty ghost
Shameful fingers slide around the cornea,
Carry you off
To events that will
Stop happening.

Metal attracts lightning
Isn’t that true?
Mr Franklin,
Isn’t that true?

The house was a mudroom
Attached to a basement.
The house was a basement.
A family gathering.
A family basement.

Ranches appeal
To the manifest destiny cortex.
Right next to the
Temporal lobe.
Empty buckets in empty wells.

Beer was food for Egyptian slaves.

My fear, at the time,
Was my being sired by
Darwin award winners.

Metal attracts lightning,
Canned slave food.

I wasn’t prepared for
A orphan lifestyle.
“Please drink inside,
You’ll get struck by
Lightning and die!”

Perpetual incorrectness.

Metal attracts lightning,
Isn’t that true?

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