Our Government promises us life, liberty, and bucket-loads of fear.

“Rioting is the Language of the Unheard” – MLK. Jr.

“If you’re not in charge of your own personal narrative you’re being submitted to someone else’s, and that MUST be changed.” – Person in Grad Class

“That isn’t gangsta! That is very un-gangsta” – Riley Freeman

“The police reaction to the protests is a continuation of the wrong-minded, heavy-handed, militarized response that we’ve come to expect. This is the current state of American policing—Police seem to believe that citizens are enemy combatants, and that is how they’re treating us. There is a culture of contempt for black, Latino, poor, and young people. No cosmetic legislation or body camera can fix that. An uprising will…This looks a lot like the protests in Ferguson, and it looks like the months in Florida after the Trayvon Martin murder. This is not the last time this is going to happen. The ingredients are there in every city in this country. You have people who believe they have no opportunity, you have police departments who see their community as the enemy, and you have racism as an underlying issue that must still be addressed.” Phillip Agnew, for Time Magazine.

Alright, a little of my own voice on this topical issue. I don’t have much to say, outside I’m disgusted. I’m tired. I’m furious. I’m ashamed. Continuing to participate under this false guise of democracy and all that can’t be good for anyone. My willing citizenship in this country is close to being terminated.

The orange birds played for no one today, listening to the red-and-blue tears of sirens.

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