The moment I describe some wordless aspect of life…

The moment I describe some wordless aspect of life, I feel empowered.  For example, sometimes when I look at the ocean I can sort of feel the pulses and pulls of it inside of me, similarly to how when we look at someone who is in pain we feel it inside of us.  Like, if you watch a video of someone being hurt, you’ll cringe and momentarily feel like you are too.  That’s why you cringe…whether you realize it or not.  That happens with a lot of things, not just pain and not just people.

But what I’m saying is, I used to take that part of myself for granted – I never questioned it.  There are tons of things like that. All sorts of weird mental ticks have become background.  I subconsciously type words with my fingers constantly, all day long.  It’s like a queue…I’ll think, “Huh, why the hell am I typing ‘Bukowski’”, and then it’s like, oh yeah an hour ago I was talking to Trevor about Bukowski.  But this part of myself, that types, it is background most of the time.  It has integrated into my subconscious.  But to describe it, to notice it, there’s some power in that.  To describe them with words, there is power in that.  It’s not the answer or anything, I’m sorry for that tone.  Just trying to think of stuff to write about.

Not to be preachy.  Sorry.  I mostly just think these things are interesting, worth sharing, you know…

(this was inspired by “This is Water”, a graduation speech by David Foster Wallace)

2 thoughts on “The moment I describe some wordless aspect of life…

  1. This is a super interesting concept. That being that writing, the physical act of it, is an immediate denial that other people can’t exist. Thinking manifests within the body, creating a almost logical insanity that potentially, the mind created everything we see around us, a simulation if you will, a projection of a singular consciousness (soul). I think therefor I am, and everyone else may be there, but only because I have thought them. Writing, be it with paper or computer or pictures or music or film, the actions required for human communication brings the body into it. You must utilize the tools of the body. By thinking of writing as an act of connecting the body and soul, not only does if cement our own existence, but it makes it illogical to deny others their bodys. If your body can feel something, especially another body, denying it would be denying your own body. This fusing of the body and soul, and recognition of its consequences, makes us more complete individuals with the knowledge that others also have the same body and soul connection. In using communication to gain recognition of others, we fertilize the grounds for our own empathy.

    I did say concept at the beginning right?

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    • I agree, the body can be a means to unite us. It receives stimulation from so many different directions, so many different vectors, that if you focus on it even a little bit the whole debate over whether other people exist or not starts to break down, and you feel like a body surrounded by other bodies, instead of a mind surrounded by potential robots or reptillians or God in disguise or whatever. Well in a way everything is God in disguise but that’s a different topic!


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