Slump Pt. 1




How much shit on the floor

How much shit on the floor of wal-mart,

Does it take to

Acquire good karma?


Dear Dante, Milton,

Others of Lucifer’s inner


I write this

To mock you, imitation

And flattery

Plagiarism and kisses.

Formaldehyde eyes

White skies,

Do we ever get used to the dark,

Dust to dust,

Does the dirt keep us warm,

Ashes to ashes

We all fall down.


Catch me, concrete wall

I need to be broken.

A cripple breathes rejection,

I still have hope

Morpheus still taunts me,

A dreary lake in the frontal lobe

Swans, snow, a fucking fairy tale place,

My muse, draped

Wolf pelt, hunts out

Introspection, hunts out


Yellow, wild irises

Turn my direction ,

Showing me fear

Full of dust,

Full of nothing



Oh, just a little bit longer

I need to know

If I’ll ever belong to somebodies



But here, the coy sun

Molests eyelids,

Coffee, black, cigarette pack

And my intestines scream,

I think I’ll starve today

My intestines scream,

I think I’ll hate today.


I rinse away my sins,

Fire will cleanse us

Fire saved Alexandria and

Tokyo, intelligence is so dirty.


My apologies to death,

Or as you like to be called,

God, I never meant to see

You bathing in the steam

Of a death rattle.

I never meant to emancipate

Any ignorance.


Dionysus, take the wheel

Driving twenty miles has made me sleepy,

The road, if only it was rocky

If only it had a corner

Icy, fatal, icy

If only the horizon was mired

In smoke,

Dionysus, the wheel!


¿Has visto a mi amor?


Officers shot a lone wolf

In an attempt to approach

A car crash, located west

Of town. The beast was

Circling the vehicle, whining…


¿Has visto a mi amor?


Attempts to scare the animal

Were met with ferocious rebuttal.

One body, unidentified,

Was recovered from the wreckage.

The body was found

In the passenger seat.


My shoulders don’t deserve

The scars she left behind,

I taste her indifference,

Boredom, the rug

The rash on her back,

She didn’t need to involve me

In her self mutilation.

She didn’t need to waste

My seed.


I asked you baby

If you understood –

I’m not a person

I never could

– you told me that you didn’t

but you thought you would.


Slung around a porcelain lover

Here comes the truth

I’m in a slump.

I’m on rumspringa.



“Can I set fire

to your maple eyes,

what happened to your hands,

is that scar new,

you look so skinny,

you look so fat,

stop changing love

stop fighting



You hate me.


“That’s not true,

you just look awful

in blue.

And can’t we fix your chin,

Can’t we make

You better?”


Where are we?

I don’t recognize

Broken back trees

The gulls scream

Shattered pebbles

Serpentine foam

The gulls scream

Waves, what do they do

Lap foam lap

Advance retreat

Lunar song

Aquatic dance

The gulls.


A jester was allowed

To pick a tree

To hang himself from.

He made up

His mind,

Said “none”.

I found a ancient

Oak and said

“This one”.


I’m in a slump.


They won’t pat your back

They can’t even leave

Home, doors nailed shut.

These agoraphobics, these


No they laugh,

What do you know

Of history

Haha haha haha

What do you know

Of us

Haha ha

What do you know

Of life



“You’re going to live for

a long long time,

just start

caring my love.”


I’ve seen the sunrise

The past two days,

Sun sand snow

Ghost footprints wander

Aimlessly in ever decreasing



Charon ferries me through

The northwest passage,

Stoic and stern

He holds the wheel

Of a sinking ship.

O captain, may I ask you

Three questions?




Because the world

Has flowed

Through each crack

Of your ageless

Wrinkled hands.




Are we not

Each, in turn,

Your passengers?




Because I’m afraid.

I’m in a slump.

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