A Modern Moby Dick

A Modern Moby Dick


Roy Orbison wails,

Whaler’s whiskey bottle bobs

across the rocking deck,

smell the cigarette tainted sea air

taste the salt

taste the desperate hunt,

In Dreams

The lifeless brown bottle

Jumps overboard,

Into a ocean without windows

Drowns in algae-soiled


The whaler nods drunken affection

towards the symbol nailed

to the ocean floor,

The bottle works chapped lips

Till the sun don’t shine,

If only Melville could see

The smoke sails carrying

Vessels towards

A blubbered carcass,

Never has a harpoon

Warmed the heart

Like the hearth fire

At the bottom of a plastic whiskey bottle,

Roy Orbison cries in the rain

The Whaler sings

“When I want you

all I do is dream”

and the whiskey weapon

lands atop a mountain

of indifferent plastics,

and the spearhead finds

a mate.



(Moby Dick is a bad book.)


(When was whaling a thing trending

on vine?)

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