Episode Titles

I’ve become enamored  with the notion that each day of my (and your) life can most poetically be summed up by giving it a episode title. Go pick up a TV guide if they are still in print, or hop on your Netflix device and pick a show, any show. The title does more than the actual show can, gives you the viewer an idea of what will come without actually bogging you down in the minutiae of the episode. It’s the freedom to imagine with minimal constraints. It’s the Christmas present while it’s still wrapped, before you find out it is just socks. It’s Brad Pitt screaming “what’s in the box?!?” So with out further ado, here are my past few days in episode titles.

10/18/15 “the one with the fight with his girlfriend”

10/19/15 “The one with co-worker conspiracies and D&D”

10/20/15 “The one with counting to 10 and cheesy fries”

10/21/15 “The one where he gets a haircut and the cat eats a condom”

Now you try.

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