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I woke up this morning knowing I’ve been neglecting this blog for the past few months, and so my first action was to grab a cup of coffee and head straight to my good friend’s photography blog. Michael, Mike, Moldy Eye, Shirtless, Human Punching Bag, Demonic Fishpicking Maniac, WOOOOmanizer, Yogi, cereal magnet, world traveller, spiritual guru, the list of titles this man has is essentially endless. This of course is because in the search to label Mike, to define the manic energy this high-octane curly-haired bastard puts off, one can’t help but see possibilities. Mike embodies the power to change, and perhaps lives his life solely for this purpose. Being cooped up with yours truly and our collective boss (a great man who has the unfortunate title of boss) on a 32 ft Gillnetter for two months was the recharging of the batteries for Mike, financial and spiritual. That’s not to say he found solace on that boat, but instead found again the very literal need to become a rolling stone and see the world. Depending on the day, Mike is either the best Joker-esque faux hand grenade (that burst into confetti and Pixies music and has a very specific opinion on where we should next consume drinks) or he is a hand grenade that also happens to be very real, either way once awake the pin is pulled.

I Told Mike this summer I would write a full review of his book “The Beach Gang” when I got back from the small Alaskan fishing village we spent our summer working in. Despite him recently telling me he was going to totally re-work the piece, I intend to one day soon write the review.

But today is not that day. Today is a day of me remembering I have a job to do, a small community of friends I owe everything to, and a blog I owe nothing to but love anyways. Today is a day of sharing, sharing with the world my friend, his own art, my love for him and the life he leads, which has been and is so different from my own, and my fortune at having adventured with Shirtless Mike.

Check out his amazing work here:


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