In the Face

(The Blacked Out Poems #1)

Here is the motionless, angry water poem
where everyone can go and suck a dick
because that’s how I feel and angry is the verb for tonight.
Young Reese clambered along small and innocent and doing his best to hold his own.
Young Chica Romanceable was there and God, did
he ever like her but God:
“Not this time, poor Young Reese,
though you are the picture disciple.
I give revelation to the fucked up few
and you’re more picturesque.
You precious young pleb,
carry on because we will gift thee
(when it is convenient).”

Well, Jesus.
Deliver me. I am
angry and I deserve
the miracle.
If You were to choose one douchebag,
why not me?
I am so fantastically flawed and
I offer my body up unto You.
I will die in the service of mankind,
I swear,
but You made me as a wrecking machine
and wreck I must.
Goodbye till tomorrow
till You re-appropriate me
to the proper surface purpose
and then I will smash heretics
in the face.

(From November 2015)

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