Notes from the Back Seat

Macklemore is the accessible, friendly neighborhood rapper. Eating a cheeseburger without knowing how it’s made. An entrance point for cultural appropriation, a real Ellis island for white people to re-conquer their lost African jewel. Maybe this isn’t a bad thing. The struggle of African men and women has produced the largest amount and the most crucial high points of American music culture. That sounds like a negative thing to say. It sounds wrong to say Macklemore is the tip of the whip being cracked, the first blow from the ruling class, the call for the best of black culture to be held up to the screen, the light, the temple, the inquisitor, the beginning of the great census leading back to Bethlehem. “White people move through resources quickly” seems to be the message of Macklemore, ” start preparing the next thing we are going to want to have.”

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