The Snapshot


I looked at you
and you looked in my eyes
and we agreed to black out that night.
We built a pillow fort in the woods
near the creek
before the edge of the campground.
Aphrodite took us there,
found a way for us to lay
next to one another
but I could not touch you
because I knew that I would destroy you.
Shots of whiskey as we
observed our religion
and told each other truths
without sharing any words.
We danced side by side
in Dioniystic revelry,
forgetting everything
that we didn’t know about each other.
I looked into the sky at the moon
sitting sweetly,
like fresh mozzarella
in the bowl of a spoon.
My eyes fell downwards
as yours moved upwards
and we locked in the middle,
and threw away the key.
You kissed my cheek, how dare you,
twice, maybe three times,
and I will never forgive you
for touching me.

(From December 2015)

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