True Blue Eyes

Big-boobed blondie girl,
let’s get undressed and
really try to know each other.
I will leave my glasses
on the bedside table
so that there can be nothing
between us
but air.

I will cut myself off
and suffer withdrawals
of alcohol and pills
if that means I might
truly be able to
see inside of you.
You can leave your pipe
and cap your bottle of wine
and look me in the eyes,
my true blue eyes,

Your skin seems smooth
but how can I know for
sure without touching you
with my drinkless hand
near the river, under bridges,
falling off of painted rocks?
How can you know my life
without touching my scars
and breathing my breath?
Without running the back
of your hand
over the ridges of my tattoo?

Perhaps we can meet
somewhere in the middle
someday soon.
Till then,
consider not knowing me
for fear that I’m lying to you.
I know I’m afraid you’re
lying to me,
but how will we know
till we give it a go?

(From March 2016)

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