Delaney-Shaped Holes

Today was filled with
Delaney-Shaped Holes.
My alarm cut through
the purple dream
wherein D and I swam
through valleys and
clad in moonlight and
Hamms tanktops too.
I hit the snooze and
rolled over onto my side
and kissed her dalmation pillow
and fondled its breasts till
I remembered she was gone.
I tripped over our shoes
and into the kitchen,
all the while sporting
unsated morning wood.
4 tablespoons of grounds
into the
nearly broken French Press,
a gob of organic coconut oil and
a large pat of salted butter and
a healthy dose of vanilla almond milk
into the
nearly broken Mighty Bullet,
while the kettle was on.
This all became butter coffee,
half of which I left undrank.
At work,
I waffle-coned and hastily delivered,
trying to get my daily duties done
so I could get home.
And when I clocked out
and left with my ice cream cone
and walked into my front door
I remembered she was gone.
I napped through the afternoon and
watched TV through the evening and
thought about how I wasn’t waiting
for her to get off work.
Around 10:30 PM I opened the fridge
and gazed at the various veggies
(yellow squash, green sqash,
purple cabbage, mushrooms,
onions, peppers, brocolli,
and carrots)
which we would normally
turn into stir-fry
with rare steaks on the side.
I closed the fridge and made
peanut butter toast
and watched Peaky Blinders
all on my own.
When I crawled into bed,
rolled over onto my side
and hugged her dalmation pillow
and rubbed it’s distinctly unskinlike tum-tum till
I remembered she was gone.
rolled over onto my other side
and prepared to fly into the night
without my jetpack.
I smiled softly and
knew that I would meet her
in dreamland
where she would
be a fox and
I would be a bear and
we could find a copse-ish cave
where she could hibernate with me
and wake me up at the end of winter
by nuzzling me softly on my nose
like a dachshund.
She will be home in two days.
today was filled with
Delaney-Shaped holes.

(From June 2016)

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