Right Here, Right Now

Last night,
sitting next to you,
I heard the train
whistling in the distance,
or maybe moaning in the distance,
asking me to “Come away, please”
to “Jump in a car and ride away
till the amber lights of
the Missoula night
give way to the red gleam of
traffic signs in Minneapolis/St. Paul
or maybe Chicago, Illinois,
with all their history and
panoply and
other things that suck
American men onto American trains,
where they forget their past and they
forget their names.”

But, as the song says,
“I don’t feel the fear anymore”.
I don’t feel the fear anymore and
I’m not afraid to be here anymore and
by “here” I mean in the moment,
sitting next to you,
inside of me,
proudly dynamic and
bathed in dignity.
There’s no need for me to stow away,
for me to disappear
into infinity
and forget the fear
because it’s not here;
it’s gone and that’s good,
that’s really very…good.
I’d rather remain and
touch and be touched
while you smile from the couch
and I smile from the kitchen,
as you finish up your work
and I finish up the dishes.
I’m not gonna run away because
right here, right now
is groovy to me
and, in a way,
that’s everything.

(From September, 2016)

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