People’s minds

Idle in front of you like gods full of

Judgment and torment…

Humming a hum that is silent yet dictates

The atmosphere

The weather

The taste

The feel

The life…

Your body desires everything

To become something


And your crackling aches walk you

In through the front door,

To your lover or maybe past them

To the computer screen…


You fantasize about becoming


And that fantasy anchors back

To dreams you had

When you were quite young.

As if divinity implanted the desires into

A vulnerable you.



Surrounds the vortex that demands answers

That demands entertainment and wisdom…


Aching laughter throws up in your mouth

After every breathe and quietly

Pats the space between your legs…


Memories bloom like flowers that are just


The past turns into shades of black and white

Enriched and light

Powerful and silly…


Freedom haunts another intellectual cornered in a room…

He just doesn’t get it,

Does he?


Starting right now

The room is no longer full of various people.

It is full of various rooms and,

Given your immense desire for life

For the stuff of life

For living,

There’s no time to become enlightened.

It has to happen right now so you

Break through the walls of each room like

A goliath,


Without a sound and

Bend warmth out of your soul.

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