We’re all just stardust, I guess,
but this motherfucker
at the hold-em table:
Gottdamn. If ever I wanted to say,
“Hey, dildo,
why don’t you shut the fuck up
so we can play some cards?”
it would’ve been then.
But that ain’t my schtick when I play.
Head down, all business.
Same reaction, win or lose,
and in the end I just walk away.
But I win a hand or two and
this motherfucker
starts bigstacking me and
soon I’m on the ropes
and before long,
I’m losing again.
Maybe I needed this, motherfucker.
Maybe I needed some hands to go
my way
so I could walk away and feel
like I did all right.
The thing I’ve gotten best at,
the thing I know more than anything else,
is walking away.
Best to learn it young,
I suppose,
because life is just a long walk from
hither to thither
and soon we will have walked
into the sun
and become absolutely nothing,
which is absolutely everything.
You know, like stardust.

(From April 2017)

(Happy Three Years, guys!)

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