Status Update

Captains log, star date 5/31/17… Hello Diane, it’s agent Cooper… extra extra, read all about… ladies and gentlemen of the court… in the red corner… hold onto your butts… LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE. I don’t post to social media much anymore, here’s some of my thoughts to explain why.

I did a tarot card reading thing a hour ago and got the seven of pentacles and a reverse king of wands as answers to some questions regarding my love life. They didn’t really seem like positive signs. I went to a music festival last weekend and had one of the best experiences of my life, yet it is already hazy in my mind. Technically I’m still laid off for next year, and my employment rests in the hands of democrats and republicans agreeing on something. If I don’t get the job, my game plan is to go spend a few months in Spain and Morocco before returning home to apply to grad schools. I could really use some fashion advice, and a personal trainer, and a maid, and perhaps a wise, old man Jungian archetype to help me through the next few months. I’ll be mass murdering fish in 22 days. I’ve decided to not shave or cut my hair in political protest, but I don’t think the world sees my point. I think my job is making me stupider. A lot of my time is spent thinking about how foods migrated in the 15-16th centuries and what different cultures diets looked like prior. I think I’d make a good Canadian. Watching true crime shows makes me worry about what would happen if someone I knew got murdered, like my internet history and the items I own are kinda shady. Most of my friends are leaving the town I’m in, and I’m not sure I’ll stay sane. I don’t really eat breakfast or lunch, just coffee up until dinner time. It no longer bothers me that humans, as a species, can’t ever really communicate honestly. That is to say, because of my perception and experiences, my meaning will be lost on anyone who has not had the exact same perception and experiences (nobody), and my translation of what someone says to me can’t truly reflect their meaning but my own. I’ve lost touch with what is going on in hip-hop anymore, primarily due to a lack of interest in this mublecore shit coming out of Atlanta. My left arm is slowly becoming a canvas, and the permanence of tattoos hasn’t really set in. I haven’t finished any of the new video games i’ve gotten recently, and i’m scared that means i’ve grown too old for proper escapism. Some people believe if you focus on something it can become real, and I find myself strangely enchanted by that idea, after all it got me to this point.

Where are you at currently in your life? This isn’t a rhetorical question, I really want to know. Leave a comment, or a diatribe, or something to open a dialogue.

2 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. Your laid off from the middle school? I didn’t know that 😦 sorry man. I’m sure fishing will be a nice change from the island life. It’s funny how much I romanticize San Juan and think about moving back there, it’s interesting hearing this perspective. Miss you like crazy, please let me know if you’re ever in Seattle.

    I’ve been depressed, so I’m trying to meditate more. So far it’s really helping, actually! Definitely getting my mind going so at least I’m getting some perspective. I’ve been on a weird medication and a side-effect is that it’s been effecting my mood like crazy so, I’ve really had to meditate to stay sane.

    Otherwise making music on the side. Playing in a band too.


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