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I’ve just gotta exorcise some demons,
I hope you don’t mind.
It has more to do with me
than it does with you.
So when you hear me talking shop
with the boys across the bar
(and the girls)
just know you’re still on my mind,
in the best way possible,
or in the worst way possible,
if that is what you want.
Know that I love you, dear,
till the end of time.
You see, a part of me died
when I first made love to you.
When I first surrendered
my soul to you,
I thought it was all
till the end of time
and I would think it again
because I’m a fool for love.

I hope you don’t hope I’ll die,
at least, in the way
I do for myself.
My love is not worth your time
or really anything else.
At least, not to you.
You can’t recognize it’s light.
Given time
it will go
and I’ll be dazzled all away
with grace
and sans-shame.
Goodbye to all of that.
I love you, my dear,
but I will always say,
yes, I will always say,
my dear, I will always say,
goodbye to all of that.

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