What up, Fam?

Or, On Politics & Kanye West

Or, Some rambling before I leave for a few months

Or, whatever, shits stupid and nobody cares

What up, Fam?

I would never call this blog punctual or timely. We posters are the only thing keeping us on any sort of timetable, and as I’ve shown time and time again I can’t even keep to my own self-imposed timetables. But hey, we aren’t some hot shot political blog, or even some everyday journal post from sad sappy suckers, we are the creme-dela-creme of unedited work by a couple of young poets and fiction writers, and we do our best. With that in mind, please just excuse this post, which of course is going to attempt to be a part hot shot political blog post and part everyday journal of a sad sappy sucker.

I, your fearless editor-in-chief (self-titled), your god-king (As is written in the stars), your Georgia Peach (so juicy), will again be leaving for the next two months. this, of course, means the usual trickle of content I leave in my destructive wake will become more like a dried up streambed. The good news is that our other two writers will keep up their trickles, and perhaps when I return we will have a cavalcade of young writers who wish to join our ranks and then I won’t have to write anyways. (That’s right people, all you have to do to shut me up is submit your own crap so I feel like I have a purpose…) I wanted to make sure I gave myself a proper send-off before my working vacation, so here I am, fully informal and writing without purpose. Are you ready for a full-on Content bum rush? cause that what this is about to be baby, let’s go!

First, some notes for people who actually know me. I promise I’ll try to be better in the future, like I always do. If you are an Ex of mine and reading this, go away. Just kidding you are like half the blogs actual readership so thanks for that, sorry I was a shit sack. If you are Reese, I’m really fucking proud of you and grateful for your friendship. Sorry that I’m gonna post your band’s song in this. If you are Parks, I kinda haven’t been meditating, despite all the good it was doing for me. Any tips on how to get back to it? If you are one of my other friends, thanks for finally checking out the blog like you always promise to. If you’re one of the girls I’ve been chatting up on tinder, what’s good girl? Sorry I gotta go away for a few months, it’s just that I fucking love the smell of fish blood and diesel. If you are my mom, I guess it’s cool that you check this out. If you are one of my employers, I plead insanity.

Now, onto what I need to say to you, the Peachy Masses. First, I’ve started keeping a journal. This little black book is good for my mental state but has made me less productive. I fear that this is due to the fact that writing has always been masturbatory for me, and the journal has become something of a fleshlight. Two, I plan on writing less about gross shit like masturbating from this point forward. Like, starting now. Three, I’ve been challenged by a friend to grow my hair out for a year, so expect a lot of sasquatch references in all my future writing. Four, while never having been explicitly stated, this editor-in-chief feels that it is time to make clear, we are a leftist publication platform. At least, I’m a leftist poster on an unread publication platform. Granted, politics isn’t something we talk about a lot here, because I don’t think I’m smart enough to do the movement any good, but I just think you should know in case you ever have a problem with that. And cause I’m gonna try to actually post some more biting political commentary in the future. If you aren’t political, can I show you to some dank memes and other content that will help radicalize you, comrade?


Five, we need to talk about Kanye West, Fam. “Ye” just came out yesterday, and guess what? It fucking bangs. It is a pawg, a snack, a treat, a nasty ho. It’s is a big tittie goth girlfriend. Now, you’re saying, “Wtf fam, you just talking about how you a pink commie fag, you can’t back Yeezus anymore he’s MAGA.” I hear you. I really do. Kanye has made clear the fact that he is a Trump supporter, and that is a bad thing, especially for someone of my political leaning. Here’s the thing though, This recent Kanye controversy is just another stop in a career made up of controversy, and it isn’t even that surprising. The fact that one man-baby likes another (albeit, far fatter and more racist and gross man-baby) man-baby doesn’t really change anything. Kanye is the living embodiment of the “No Bad Press” idea, and it has always gotten him an assload of money. Oscar Wilde did something similar in Victorian England, something I find baffling since everyone was dressing like a sexual deviant lunatic back then, all that metal and leather and lace. Kanye is just our current rendition of an artist and a person that beg for separation of their two parts. History always makes it easy to see the dichotomy within these peoples lives, and the art is always what lives on. Lovecraft was a horrible person, but god damn can he write a glorious hentai storyline. Jim Morrison sucks, but “People are Strange” gets my white ass up and swaying.  Socrates fucked little boys for christ sake. The fact that Kanye West is incapable of being a normal person has little to no bearing on his music. People mad about his dumb comments aren’t usually people that actually listen to his music, they are the people that are mad about everything and they suck. Being mad at other people for being different sucks. People suck. Yes, Kanye has a wide reach and his stupid right wing crap will reach a lot of ears and eyes, and as we know the American populace loves to imitate that which is successful, so his posting and talking have become potentially politically dangerous. This is not a good thing. But neither would ‘Ye being part of the #resistance be a good thing either. And we can’t ask him to be quiet, soooo. What I’m trying to say is, Kanye is still a good musician, and while I disagree with his statements and him hanging out with idiot intellectual dark web losers, Dude can still make a tasty beat and no one can ever take that away from him. Everyone can fight for their political beliefs, they should, and some beliefs are inhumane and downright evil and people deserve to be punched in the fucking face because of them, but frankly, the system is here and change is slow. While the man Kanye is might be on the opposite side of the coming civil war 2 (after which Michael Shannon gets to burn books just like HBO predicted!), the sequel should still have a banging soundtrack and frankly, Kanye is the guy I would turn to to make it. Consumption along pure ideological lines is frankly impossible and denies you the chance to enjoy art. Yikes.

Six, I’m a fucking hypocrite, and that is ok. Seven, everyone needs to buy “Crush” by Richard Siken. Eight, I’ve been getting further and further into fringe studies these days. Nine, well I forget what nine was about. Ten, I hope you all have been getting laid and enjoying life. It’s summertime people, make sure you have fun.

There. I tried to be a real blogger. How’d I do? Send nudes below.

BY: AJT AKA Skinny Action Bronson AKA Poor Man’s Wil Wheaton AKA Dough Boi


6 thoughts on “What up, Fam?

  1. Yo,

    Sorry I never post on here ❤ I've been busy doing my own thing!

    I agree about Kanye. Damn, I've gotta listen! I wanna know.

    Okay. Meditation. The more you sit, the more psychologically stable you will become. That is how it works. A walk through a forest, or reading the right book…these things can also heal us. But there is no comparison, when it comes to sitting for a decent amount of time.

    The thing is, you can work on mindfulness in daily life too. Meditate on the bus, during breaks, etc. Think about what's drawing you to meditation. Really reflect on that…like, think about how you're tired at the end of the day, yet you're drawn to watch TV. Is that really relaxing? I don't mean to create any shame…it's easy to immediately go, "Damn, that's all I want to do when I get home" or whatever. That's not the kind of contemplation I'm referring to. I'm talking about contemplating with curiosity, when you have some time to set aside all activities and just think. And I don't mean that in a demeaning way. When I say "contemplate with curiosity", I'm referring to the actual methodology that works.

    Experiment. If it makes you feel better, then keep doing it! If it doesn't, then focus on adjusting your posture or adding more compassion, or wait until you have a spiritual counselor to help you out. It's a path…patience is literally a huge component. Practice awareness of your surroundings, of people, and (in particular!) of your body. And add space to your awareness, so that if it wants to flow or shift, you can let it. The more you note or do body-scanning or whatever, the more you'll understand that there's a lot of chaos going on underneath the surface. The best course of action is always just to let it happen, every component. Enlightenment experiences come and go…it's more about healing here and now, on the daily. That's what feels good.

    My advice, is to buy a spiritual book before you leave on your trip, and do the practices it inevitably lists. "A Path With Heart" is super good. "Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha" is another gem. Right now, I'm reading "Seeing that Frees" by Rob Burbea and it's golllllden. I highly recommend that one.

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  2. I think you should buy a book on Shamatha meditation. I haven’t practiced it too much, but from what I see it’s pretty great. Find a dedicated teacher at some point…

    Sorry this is all super vague. Noting meditation is amazing. So is concentration meditation, but noting is better. You need concentration to do insight. Concentration is gentle mental stability that diligently focuses on real-time sensory information, instead of mind-babble…or at least skillfully allows the mind-babble to coexist, while diligently referring back to the real-time sensory information…like your breath… so that you don’t disappear back into your thoughts.

    Everything you face on the cushion has been dealt with before, by others. So have courage…they’ve seen what you’ll see, reacted how you’ll react. Have courage…

    When in doubt, because you feel weird, open up your practice to include more. If you aren’t letting something in, it’ll bother you. That is, reality will gently come up to you and make you readjust your vision so you’re seeing what’s actually going on. You have to use effort to get your mind to focus, but once you’re actually observing the object, you have to open up and drop a lot of the effort so that you can actually see what’s there. Bliss fades. Work on insight, concentration, and compassion. Have compassion for your whole life / mind, and others. Have more compassion for others. Compassion isn’t about being Joan of Ark, mental stability helps a lot…cultivated through sitting meditation. In general it’s a good thing to do though.

    Incorporate more and more of what you experience so you’re not struggling against the strange reality at hand. Yet, stick with the actual, the real, the sensory. Not mind-games.


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