Applebees (The Fifth Street House Group Poem #2)

For the second group poem, we had the same rules as the first time but we passed the piece of paper around twice instead of just once. At the end, we recorded Nate reading it. I’d recommend listening to it as you read it. 🙂


Applebees is a fucking joke.
Whenever I go there, I take my best goat
and I wear my light spring coat.
As I am walking down the street,
my teeth start gnawing through some meat.
So this is what human flesh tastes like…
How unexpected. How did I get here?
After all this, in the end,
we are flotsam and jetsam
and have forgtotten how to pretend.
I pretend I’m not horny but Fox News says otherwise…
Fake news, fake orgasms, fake fucking face.
Please place your secret
pink spot on my taste buds,
butternut. 🙂
Or your nuts against my butt.
Put it in. I love that smut.
My mind is about to nut.
So I close my eyes and think of gma,
if only she could be here now.
I would love her till the end of time.
At the end of my days broken hourglass
soft spoken voices coming from my past:

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