Chickenszz (The Fifth Street House Group Poems #1)

I had a poetry reading at my house last night and someone suggested that we play a game where we would write a group poem. We folded up some paper and passed it around the circle. Each person was able to see the line that was written before them and then they wrote their own line. Once each person had written a line, I read the result. Check it out:


With intimations and ruminations,
we pressed our sweat together.
Charged by need and uncertainty,
I sat to ponder with a cup of tea…
Looked through some pages that looked like your face:
Some faces were torn, some need replaced.
I thought to myself as the acid kicked in…
Wow! The chickens, HA! The chickenszz…So innocent,
or so they think themselves,
until they canabalize each other in the field.
While the sunflowers swayed in the late, evening sun,
man’s last desperate plans were finally undone.

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