A life…

Is full of activity.

Cuts slowly healing,

Stresses introduced and receding…

Friends appearing and disappearing and

Wonderful things coming and…


A walk through the cemetery makes it all too clear

What happens.

Lord knows what horrors occurred in every abandoned

Castle during its final days.


And some people die peaceful deaths

Surrounded by lovers.


While I turn memories into copies of copies,

So too does this world.

Visceral historical accounts become

Distant things impatiently memorized.


In the end,

All of reality comes crashing back in.


In the end,

We can’t keep the weather out of our house;

We can’t wear coats and pants and shoes outside;

Death rushes into us and destroys everything.


A human life is very precious.


There are so many possibilities.

There are wise people inviting us into their homes

Every evening;

And there’s endless opportunity for artists…


Best not take it too seriously, or lightly…


So much can be transmitted among people…

And how beautiful our own song is!

It’s clearest in early memories

When the world was still



When we could see the whole thing and premonition

What was about to come.

We heard the song as we were lead inside.


Maybe the wise can lead us back to that way

Of experiencing.

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