The world is evolving

There is a feeling, sometimes, that modern society is about to dissolve back into some primordial soup.  Everything will become Mad Max, and we’ll revert back to “primitive” ways of being.  All of the aggression stored up online will pour out into the physical brutality of this new world.

But what if that isn’t the case?  What if the world is actually evolving?  Even though being born into the present age feels almost impossible – impossible, given the chances – and you assume that it only happened because this whole “advanced society thing” is cyclical and we’re bound to revert eventually…what if returning to the old world is actually simply impossible, for all of us?  The reverberations of the modern age won’t go away.

If things do revert after some kind of World War III, those generations will be haunted by what was even if they’re fighting with sticks and stones.  So that new primitive landscape will still be irreversibly affected by what happened here.  In a way, we can still hear the croon of old, dead Martian civilizations when we glance up at that mysterious, Red dot.

Clearly you can flee from life, back into nature.  But only sort of.  And the most successful people find some kind of an equanimity with technology.  They figure out ways to escape into nature while still partaking in this place.

OK.  Here are some more cool ideas!  Let’s just get all of the fringe cool ideas out of my system.  What if hyper-advanced technology is already available?  But it requires advanced intelligence, so those of us who are too dull to see it (at the moment) can’t get it?  So in a sense, what we see out there – this world – is just a fringe world, given to us out of compassion because we are the ones who aren’t wise enough (yet) to get to the hyper-advanced-future-scape.  Woah dude!

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