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Something I’ve been thinking about lately is how essential it is, in today’s world, to control the opinions that you allow into your mind.  There are so many decently intelligent people out there who can express almost any idea with a modicum of intellectual gravity.  You’ll read it, feel a spark of passion, and believe them.

I know that there are many forces converging on each person, pressuring them to have certain opinions.  While we should strive to reconcile our opinions with others, please listen to your heart and also, share that opinion with people who are close to you.

I know it feels almost impossible to challenge political people, whether they are right wing or left wing.  It is also a dangerous thing to do because it can go so poorly that you walk away, having sat through a two-hour long political debate during what was supposed to be a nice holiday meal with your family.

However: once you’ve mastered your mind a bit.  Once you’ve learned how to meditate and you see thoughts less as things to indulge in, and more as sensations.  Once your heart begins to open up to the tragedies of this world.  Challenge yourself.

Embrace the difficult opinions, but simultaneously, if a view is hurting you too much…don’t be afraid of considering that it is simply too heavy to take it ultra-seriously.

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