Let Me Die

See me,
hear me,
know me in my evil.
Know me in this moment,
even if it’s brief,
as a human
unraveled but breathing,
fighting and clinging,
struggling against the rapids,
white and fueled by nature,
that try and pull me down
without malice or feeling.
I know how to swim,
I’m not afraid to fight.

What truly scares me is
being told to sit on the sidelines
like a bear in a zoo
or a mule in a yoke,
urged on ever forwards to pull a
plow through dead earth.
I don’t get tamed.
I wander wildly through the tundra
and fight the
Wilt Chamberlain Moose
and the
Pepsi Polar Bear
and kick them in the teeth
or get eaten
because that’s what the fuck
I was born to do.

(From December 2018)

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