You’re Perfect



You’re beautiful

Even when you fail…


You’re beautiful

Even if you mess it all up.


Even if a little voice says to do it right

And you do it wrong,

You’re still good.


The sun can impale me

And I’ll still say it…

We can move away from each other and I can lose sight of you

For a long time…


I don’t know what this world wants from me,

It wants something between sanity and madness.


But let’s stop for a second and say to one another

Very simply, “I love you quite a lot!”


I care about you,

I care about you…


I want the best for you.

You are definitely worth it.

You are stunning and amazing

You’re perfect and hospitable.

You’re powerful and strong and gorgeous…

Has anyone ever told you that you’re simply gorgeous?

It flows off of you so effortlessly.


Even when you paint and your shadow-side shows through

And you want to tear the dreaded thing in half…

Just relax…

You’re still doing it right!


Isn’t that surprising?

You’re perfect;

You could still be better but you’re perfect.

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