Waiting Helps

In Buddhism, there is this notion of “Samsara”.  This is the world of desire – the universe of suffering that arises when we want things to be one way, when they are presently another way.  Samsara is a painful feeling.  For example, you might wake up on a perfectly fine morning.  The sun is shining, etc.  You put on some good music and cook breakfast.  Then, a little thought supposes itself…some predicament.  It’s the exact same thing as a cloud passing by overhead, but instead this is passing through your psychological life.

You might say, “My anxiety is telling me to do my taxes right now.  Surely, this is rational?  I have to do my taxes, or there will be consequences.”  True.  But it’s all about one’s relationship with that thought.  You must do your taxes, but your taxes also must do you.  Where’s the rush?

The best way to deal with Samsara is remain aware of it.  There is part of the mind that wants to see things change, and that’s a wonderful yearning.  But in order for things to change, you have to wait.  Waiting is boring.  It feels like the opposite of healing.  Samsaric logic believes that waiting will make the moon crash into the Earth…but interestingly, it only takes about a minute for things to refresh, and then you’re left wondering why waiting ever felt difficult.

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