About Parks Barnard


Hi.  My name is Parks.  Austin invited me to contribute here, so I’m going to.  I’m a musician, but I also write poetry and fiction in my spare time.  I try to only share stuff that comes out of me naturally, but I suppose the ability to do that is the eternal struggle of the writer.  So a lot of the stuff you’ll see from me will be awful and forced, but I also have some cool poems, like this one:

My friend was telling me

He’s afraid people don’t actually communicate

Because there are so many layers in each of our minds,

What’s the chance of two people actually connecting?

It’s more likely

We just think we connect

And that’s the end of it.



You understood this idea as it just entered your mind.


Sometimes his fear is the case

But it’s actually pretty rare.


In this way,

Many of our fears don’t really exist.


I know I’ll pay for procrastinating today,

And in a way I will

But it won’t be nearly as bad as I fear

Because I’ll make it through this week

And the next.


Death could be similar.


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