About AJT


Young Author, Poet, Fisherman, Shut-in & Bore.

I like to think of my work as if T.S Eliot and Bukowski had a baby, and that baby was shipped down a river, and then was raised by Isaac Brock and Dan Harmon, whom, realizing they had taught the baby everything they knew, sent it to a commune to take acid with Walt Whitman. The transcendentalist-guided trip ended up just being a over-dramatic montage that tastes like cigarettes and all the weird perfume of every girl I’ve ever slept with mixed together. Then that baby was killed from falling debris from a freak airplane accident like in season two of Breaking Bad, and its soul met up with a giant ethereal whale that just kept repeating “Do as i say, not as i do” .

3 thoughts on “About AJT

  1. “As [you] say” is now available to the wide wide world…to which I’ll say if Bukowski’s belly split in halves to discourage a prodigy, fetal alcohol syndrome may be its swan song malady, and Whitman on acid may just be post-modern American cacophony: less living in the silent shadow beats than exposing it all full speed metal, all virtual song long


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