If I was juice…

I’d be pink and peach


Like a heart.

Gentleness is beautiful,

If only we could see the wind blowing

Up and over beaches littered with light

Pieces of driftwood.



“Life is not cheap,

It’s expensive”


Is that really true?


There’s a beautiful anxiety

That I love…


It smacks the shit out of me and wakes me up,

Drags me out of whatever hole I was hiding in and

Reveals the world to me.


But what world is there really?

This whole world is changing, changing,

Changing and we honor these precious


Because what else can you do?

Staring precisely into the river

As it embodies specific bodily sensations…

Life is beautiful and drifting away…


“Life is but a dream”





Now it has been x weeks since I did that really bad thing

I started keeping track of time

When I was in fourth grade

And I hurried home

With the bright

Idea to stuff


Into my




The bus rolled up to the four way intersection

And I hurried home along Point Caution Drive,

And I opened the secret

Door in our driftwood fence and nervously sprinted

Down the pathway to my front door through the

Blips of sunlight serenely placed in the spring weather.


There was a vividness to spring at that age and it

Might only be because this was when I

Started keeping track of the seasons.


I opened the front door and my mom cooed to me that she was

Busy napping so I climbed up the staircase to our rooms and

Nervously, courageously pushed open my sister’s door

Knowing she wouldn’t be home for a bit

And I collected a wad of tissues from

Her dresser and stuffed them into

My shirt and then I walked over

To the mirror and with this

Strange foresight that

It mattered to




Be a girl I

Said to myself…
“I like this!”

And I smiled,

It was not solemn at all.


And that’s when I started keeping track of time,

Because until the fourth grade,

Until that day my life had

More or less been a blur

Without much suffering

But then my life changed a bit,

Like the lives of many other human beings…


My life became, “Now, it has been x weeks since

I did that really bad thing.”




Two homeless men were awoken by me



I’ve discovered the real reason that

One of them sleeps on the ramp…


There’s a poweroutlet concealed by the bushes,

So he plugs in a powerstrip and charges his

Devices all night long…





Honey, Seattle’s very different from San Juan

(bats comically long eyelashes, flashes black fingernails)



There’s something humiliating about realizing the only reason I feel good is because…

I do miss the trees,

I do miss the air and quiet walks through the woods…

soda pop sky

Now, I don’t want to seem hopeless…

I think the world is a very beautiful place.



I’m starting to think that children are taught

“Two wrongs don’t make a right”

Not out of adult-wisdom,

But out of some desperation.


Teachers stare

Into the hearts of children,

Giving them the best advice,

Because they know very well

That unless it’s taken to heart,

When they are adults they will become

Little intellectually-justified monsters.

The natural is remembered as self-created problems

My friend took a heavy dose of

Magic mushrooms and sat on her couch.


She tried to get to the heart of it all,

She tried to figure out the meaning of life by

Going in, in, in…

And she woke up on a lawn screaming

Obscenities about her landlord who watched her

In terror from the top story.


That’s the thing about trying to figure out everything.

You are doused with nausea.


God lets us circle the great mystery,

But he won’t let us in.