What does one do
with a free and sober mind
on an unencumbered evening,
when the birds find nests in
neighbor trees
for chirping cat-calls
amidst Orion-shine nightclubs
till the peacocking sun
flies over St. Mary’s Peak
while roosters rouse farmers
and pigeons drown downtown
with sour monotone coats
and begs of coos and cas
outside the Depot and the Rose?
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Entry #23

Author’s Note: Call it a break in seasons. This entry took forever to spill out of me, but I wanted to do it right when I did it. I could easily delve into the debilitating nature of depression in this space, but I’d rather just let you know that I’m glad we’re still working on this project and I’m excited to see where we will continue to go with it. This story turned two years old on the 9th of this month. Seeing as how the tale began on the day of Halloween, I thought it fitting to publish this piece today. I hope you all are having a spooky and wonderful time.


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