Eve’s Gay Friend (A play in one act)

Titian: Adam och Eva.

Eve’s Gay Friend

Written by: The St. Oswin’s Artistic Catholic School for Eccentric Children, for wider publication


Adam: The biblical first man.

Eve: The lady made from Adam’s rib.

Eve’s Gay Friend: This guy, am I right?

Satan: Tim Curry.

God: Just some bearded white guy, use a hobo.


The luscious garden of Eden, but since this is probably some little room in your community center or college campus with those fucking foldable chairs set up in some sort of “intimate” circle that really illuminates the poverty of this artistic establishment, lets just say you’ve got a tall house plant. A good fern. Yes one good fern decorated with christmas ornaments made up to look like apples. Purrfect.

Act 1

Scene 1

Enter adam. he looks like a naked dude. A naked dude getting paid nothing but the satisfaction that he gets to be naked in front of what probably amounts to like three people who haven’t already seen him naked. This personal inner joy must be masked, for the Adam that enters the stage is forlorn, depressed, just down on his luck. Continue reading

Script for “Dreamcraft, Episode 1”

(I still dream of the day someone helps me give this very stoned creation a visual component. it could be you? i mean it won’t be, but it could.)

Episode 1
Girl of your dreams

Pan across a laboratory, full of all sorts of science gizmo’s, gadgets, and shit. Our two main characters, Marlin and Sony, are poking a single button repeatedly, saying things like “no, not that one, next, ew, what about that one? No”. Marlin is shorter, with a thicker build (beard?). Sony has glasses. Under white lab coats Marlin is wearing a flannel shirt, Sony a t-shirt with a made up rapper on it (running joke, new rapper each time). Continue reading