Shakespeare Smoked Weed and the World is Flat

Religion the world over has proven one point. By this I mean that only one point has truly stuck, been proven to be Mythbuster Plausible. Human beings need, NEED, to believe in something greater than themselves. Jesus bought enough wine that his friends decided he turned water into the purple shit. Moses was so adamant about parting the Gaza strip he fucking did. God hated women enough to blame all of mankind’s failings on them. Nazi’s knew (understand that knowing is entirely based upon perspective) that Hitler was right. As social creatures, evolved from kinky bonobos and war-like chimps, we have struck a wonderful balance between truth and desire, seeing the world in a fashion that best suits us. This balance is based upon the fact that we, gifted as we are, don’t know everything. Now, not knowing is scary, hence making shit up to understand what we possibly cannot. More to the point, not knowing is the greatest gift ever granted to human beings. From that blackness comes the desire to know, that yearning that sits deep within every conscious human to decipher meaning. And from that desire comes myth.

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Script for “Dreamcraft, Episode 1”

(I still dream of the day someone helps me give this very stoned creation a visual component. it could be you? i mean it won’t be, but it could.)

Episode 1
Girl of your dreams

Pan across a laboratory, full of all sorts of science gizmo’s, gadgets, and shit. Our two main characters, Marlin and Sony, are poking a single button repeatedly, saying things like “no, not that one, next, ew, what about that one? No”. Marlin is shorter, with a thicker build (beard?). Sony has glasses. Under white lab coats Marlin is wearing a flannel shirt, Sony a t-shirt with a made up rapper on it (running joke, new rapper each time). Continue reading