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I woke up this morning knowing I’ve been neglecting this blog for the past few months, and so my first action was to grab a cup of coffee and head straight to my good friend’s photography blog. Michael, Mike, Moldy Eye, Shirtless, Human Punching Bag, Demonic Fishpicking Maniac, WOOOOmanizer, Yogi, cereal magnet, world traveller, spiritual guru, the list of titles this man has is essentially endless. This of course is because  Continue reading

the portal an android grew up with


He pushed into the object with his hand.  The surface was smooth and static-y, and his hand sank into the surface like it was oobleck.  Oobleck is that substance made out of corn starch and water.

He knew that, where his hand was submerged, there was a totally new environment.  He could just feel it.  It was like a different planet where wind was hitting his fingertips.  He left his hand in the machine until there were too many hands touching him.

Elyssa had gone into the machine and, just before her head had totally followed her body into the other world, she had started gasping for air and had become pale.  It was an old memory but it was certainly real.

He was not a human being.  His neighbors – who he could not talk to, but could only watch – were cool.  They had all experimented with their machines.

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