Entry 11

(Author’s note – Sorry for the delay.)




Reggie was playing PS4 when Jackson opened the garage door. He looked ridiculous in his full black sweat suit and face paint, and Reggie couldn’t avoid making a jab at him.

“Did you pull off the heist, hamburglar?”


“Uh-huh. We got a plan now man, we are going to help Ethan and find out what happened to Maggie. Ms. Halverson might know something, and giant Todd too.”


“Pretty sure my mom’s new boyfriend and his pig friends will do that, but I suppose you guys have an equal chance of solving the case. That dumb motherfucker wants to vote for Trump. At least, I think. He seems like a republican, right?”


“Yea, yea, how was dinner man? That had to be awkward.”

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Entry #1

What follows is the first entry in a collaborative effort between Reisklok and myself to tell a story, a cohesive story, in pieces, trading off writers. Neither of us really know what the other is doing, or the direction of the story. We invite you to join us on this wild ride. don’t expect a steady narrator, or really anything, this about the process, one we invite you to enjoy. 


“To define is to limit. Oscar Wilde said that. Don’t you see it? This whole pick a career now, pick a college, pick a minimum wage job now bullshit is just so they can limit us. Their lives suck so we have to follow step.”

“Oh, the ominus they…”

“Why the hell should I care what that faglord said Ethan?”

“What channel is that halloween movie marathon on? I swear last year it was CW, but now they just have Arrow re-runs…”

“That show really starts to suck after season one…”

“You shouldn’t say that word Big Mac.”

“Mr. Henderson said Oscar Wilde was a queer Annie. I mean that whole story was about a guy wanting to pork a painting of a dude…”

“Who the hell wants to watch Arrow on Halloween?”

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