Asking for a Friend

What is one to do when

Their insides, their kosmos,

Their chakra, boils over, leaking

Essential nutrients onto the hot

Coiled salamander of the post

Modern world, what is one to

Do when science and spirituality,

Who were about to kiss

And create alchemy, turn face

Last minute and leave the room

Empty, what is one to do

When every snare, line, and

Plan only bears old boots

And heavy clouds, what is one to

Do when the tide becomes too

Clingy and the moon decides to go

Find itself another planet?



Notes #5

Notes #5

I met a girl last night, wearing a floral print dress

And gauze around both knees.

Jill fell down a flight of stairs

While intoxicated,

Dulling herself up for a night out.

I don’t think booze was always the bastion of hope

For disconnected introverts

That it now is.

I met a girl this morning, wearing a hospital bracelet

And a confused face,

Wondering how she got a MIP and her stomach pumped.