Reveries (Fresh Poem)

Do you remember that summer

On the coast

When we walked on grey pebbles

And you didn’t ever wear shoes

Preferring to develop calluses and wounds

And leak blood into the Pacific


Do you remember that summer we spent

Washing whale bones

And you tried to teach me

Arabic phrases?

I know your secret now

All those stolen tongues


We stood in place                                                      We ran into each wave

Watching the sunrise                                               and I held you under

Watching the sunset                                                 The current for too long

And when it vanished we                                        cause I never learned to say no

Dug up the shoreline                                                 and you called it refreshing,

To see what it left behind                                        offered to do the same for me


Do you remember how the car

Choked and coughed

When we forced it up that hill

The one with overgrown firs

And all the turnouts

To catch a glimpse of bathing deities


Do you remember that look on your father’s face

When I brought you home late

Smelling of beer and raspberry stains

In your hair, our only excuse

Was that we were both Leos


Do you remember that summer

We stood in place

Smelling of beer and raspberry stained

And you didn’t wear shoes

And made me say things like

Ana Bahebak Ya Amar

Cause I never learned to say no.

Summertime Diner

Summertime Diner


The youth play cribbage

At a little

Summertime diner.

The yellow sun

Having risen yet again

Fires through

blue velvet lined window.


A smile warms

copper coffee cup,

Steam weaves slowly

Into the crevices

Of mousey brown curls.


The crippled wooden floor

Creaks to the beat

Of soft guitars and bird songs.

And a lament plays

In the whispered words

Of the waitress

Who, per her contract,

Should not be on the phone.


A Schwinn bicycle

Needs no lock

In front of a little

Summertime diner,

Where the youth play cribbage

And fate shows it hand.